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New Reviews

First, check that the page is not already there, by looking in up by chromosome, or searching on the gene name using the box at top right hand corner of this wiki page.

If not there, create a new article page. First ask to edit this page by clicking on the writing icon in right hand margin), type the gene symbol used in MaizeGDB, within double square brackets on this page. eg ”xyz1” After saving this page with your new gene listed, it will appear in red. You may click on 'red' name of your gene and a page will appear that asks if you wish to create the page. Of course, and then you are on your way.

MaizeGDB will add your gene to the correct chromosome listing. IN the meantime, anyone may find your article by searching on gene name (upper right hand corner of this page), or from a link to it from MaizeGDB, once we have migrated all the content on

The sandbox will allow you to experiment. Please inquire if you need help.

Updating a previous review

If the gene is already 'reviewed', after you login, you may update, add images with captions, and references.

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