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The Maize Gene Review is moving to this wiki. We invite all Cooperators to contribute: edit, add additional genes, especially if there are mutant phenotypes. Suggestions for overall improvement of this project should be send to the MaizeGDB staff. One thing we plan is to add article 'templates' to will facilitate updates by researchers

When you add new articles, please name the article using the gene name stored at MaizeGDB. If your gene is not at MaizeGDB, inform the MaizeGDB staff so that it can be added. This will facilitate auto-linking MaizeGDB gene pages to the wiki pages. Please let us know when you add a new page, so we can speedily give you credit.

Maize Nomenclature Guidelines may be viewed here.


Information posted here may be added to the MaizeGDB, as was the policy with gene summaries provided in the Mutants of Maize 1997, edited by M Gerald Neuffer, Edward H Coe and Susan R. Wessler, and where many Cooperators provided short descriptions and images. MG Neuffer has recently prepared an online Guide to Maize Mutant Phenotypes, using carefully selected images and updated annotation of the 1997 book. As with the 1997 work, these data are shared with MaizeGDB.

Anticipated contents should include, with reference citations:

  • a short summary of the Gene
    • phenotypes, biological function, gene products, how cloned
  • an unpublished high quality image, with caption that includes name of the photographer or lab head
  • the reference(s) that first reports and defines this locus
  • key alleles, with phenotypes, information about viability or special conditions
  • regulation of/by other genes or genetic elements
  • expression – tissue/conditions/inhibitors/inducers
  • map location and how mapped
  • any information you think is important, e.g. paralogous loci
  • useful links to references, and other genomics resources.

Getting Started

  • Request a login account, per above right hand corner, login and go to this page.

Gene Reviews

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